40.00 GBP

Package Description

Mastercraft Tier

➣ 1 Month Discord Donator & Supporter Rank.

- Will be automatically applied on purchase and removed after 1 month.
- Pick your name color

1 Month In-game Donator Rank.

- Link your in-game character to Discord to gain the in-game rank, type "!linked" in bot commands if you don't know how!
- Name color matches Discord

Exclusive Supporter Giveaways!

- Giveaways that only supporters have access to.
- 2x Chances on all giveaways.

➣ 4 Random Chibi Crate

- Automatically applied, type "/lootbox Chibi" in game to open it.

➣ 3 Dino Re-color
- Open a ticket on Discord to use this. Fully recolor a dino how you like.

Subscribers won't be wiped after the default 14 days.
- If you go inactive, you won't be wiped for 1 month since your donation was made(won't end if you're subscribed)