Avalanche Gaming is a community created around Ark Survival Evolved.
Developed and maintained by experienced admins we have successfully grown since December 2019!

Our goal is to provide a fun and balanced Ark experience for all who join us, we work hard to keep the servers up and running with the support of all our members.

We currently host 9 Maps :
The Island
The Center
Scorched Earth
Crystal Isles

Our Mod list :
☆ Super Structures
☆ Dino Storage v2
☆ Kraken Better Dinos
☆ CKF: Science Fiction
☆ Domination Rex
☆ Awesome Spyglass
☆ HG Stacking 5000
☆ TC Auto Rewards Vault
☆ Avalanche Tek Mana

Make sure to join us on Discord to find out the latest information and get to know the community :)